Orion HST

Participants 2014 Belfast


Lanyon Building, Queen's, 2014 Aug 20, photo by Paul Woods. Full frame hi-res image available here. (16MB) Detailed list of participants

left to right, Nicole Reindl, Anne Fox, Patricia Bessiere, Larissa Takeda, Catherine McEvoy, Kingsley Gale-Sides, Megan Whewell, Tek Prasad Adhikari, Helen Meskhidze, Mattia Bulla, Catia Silva, Matt Nicholl, Andri Prozesky, Ted of School, Gary Ferland, Janet Chen, Tommy Nelson, Jake Turner, Richard Tunnard, Brianna Smart, Tom Finzell, Ting-Wen Lan, Joe Polshaw


Dinner at  Scalini's restaurant, 2014 Aug 21, photo by Ting-Wan Chen

Class projects

very hot stars

warm absorbers


ISM group