Orion HST

National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, Chiang Mai

2018 May 14 to May 25

A PDF showing the participants and their research interests is here and a Google documents version is here. Our Facebook group is here and the local website is here.

Front row; Dhimaz Gilang Ramadhan, Napaporn A-thano, Daeun Kang, Kris Akira Stern, Raj Laxmi Singh, Vasiliki Fragkou, Patcharawee Munsaket, Khemsinan Gunsriwiwat, Gum Ja Naw Bumchyang, Nibedita Kalita
Rear row; Ram Kesh Yadav, David Mkrtichian, Christophe Morisset, Gary Ferland, Vincent Picouet, Antigone C├ęcile Fatima Lambert-Huyghe, Idel Reis Waisberg, Saran Poshyachinda (Director, NARIT), Amnart Sukom, Peter van Hoof, Zhou Xiao, Sutthawee Yodmongkol

Welcome reception, May 14 2018 Sam Sen Villa Restaurant by the Ping River, hosted by NARIT

photo by Raj Laxmi Singh

photo by Raj Laxmi Singh

photo by Raj Laxmi Singh

B-JETTY, Baryonic Jet Energetics with Cloudy, SS433

CHAOS CHemicaAL CompOSition Studies for a Bipolar PN

PRIORITY PRedicting galaxies InflOws emission at low RedshIft wiTh cloudY

REBORN The RElation Between the structure Of dusty toRus and the geometry of the AGN NLR

Synrgy, Studying Physical Conditions in Star Forming Regions using Cloudy