Orion HST


National Science Foundation

Generous support by NSF through grants 1816537, 1412155, 1108928, and 1109061 is gratefully acknowledged.


Support by awards 17-ATP17-0141, 13-ATP13-0153, 10-ATP10-0053, 10-ADAP10-0073, NNX12AH73G, and ATP13-0153 was essential.


Awards HST-AR-15018, HST-GO-13821, HST-AR-13914, HST-AR-13245, HST-AR-12125.01, AR-13245, GO-12560, HST-GO-12309, GO-13310.002-A, and HST-AR-13914 made all this possible.


Their support through grant RSA No 1430426 was crucial.

And the workshop hosts

The hosting institutions of the workshops provided essential support, as indicated on the individual school pages.

Support for the 2019 Cloudy Summer School Program was provided by the University of Kentucky from the Office of the Vice President for Research, the College of Arts & Sciences, Office of the Dean as well as the Department of Physics and Astronomy.