Orion HST

Participants, Lexington
2019 May 20 to 24

Discussions are on the Cloudy2019 groups.io forum and materials, including the talks and list of participants, are on the class web share.

The list of participants and their research interests is posted here. The first six are locals and can answer questions about Lexington and the U Ky campus. This folder gives the slides for the four-minute talks we use to introduce ourselves.

The photos Ali Valian took on Wednesday are posted here.

Fronts row: Maryam Dehghanian, Prerak Garg, Grace Olivier, DK (Dhanesh Krishnarad), Amy Steele, Katrina Litke, Rebecca Mikula, Paco Holguin, Joey Hammill, Sally Heap, Joseph Choi, Atom Thanathibodee
Back row: Guochao Sun, Dirk Grupe, Elizabeth Tarantino, David Carr, Vivek Mariappan, Nao Suzuki, Priyanka Chakraborty, Arnab Sarkar, Gary Ferland, Marios Chatzikos


DERBIES:Diagnostics of Escaping Radiation from Bright Infrared Emitting Starbursts


DRAGONS clouDy nebulaR line diAGnostics AcrOss the electromagNetic Spectrum


EPIC Exploring PhysIcal Conditions in quasar outflows


IroniKal Perseus (Preparing Cloudy for the microcalorimeter era)


The LUVZ Project, Sally Heap


NEBEL, NGC 1566 : Estimates of Broad Emission Lines


POLLUTED POLLution aroUnd whiTE Dwarfs


SCHEMA, Setting up Cloudy for wHere Emission Meets Absorption at reionization


TREXE, T Tauri Ionization Region from X-Ray, T Thanathibodee, J Hammill